April 28 2024 — Objects
       Cello Cup RingProto 2— IT’S BEEN A MOTHA F*CKIN YEAR! (in Kim Namjoon’s voice)
       Got the first .stl modified by a freelancer, thank you Anna. The second time around and wow. I am shook. So happy to pick this project back up. Ring fits well. When in use, I did noticed that the [redacted] doesnt fit as nicely as I wish it would. Proto 3 commence.

Mar 17 2024 — DJ Set
       LET’S JAMChuni Airlines — Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight LJ002. We sincerely apologize for the slight delay and appreciate your patience. As we prepare for takeoff, our skilled crew is ensuring you the smoothest and soulful sounds throughout our journey.
        The weather at our destination is clear, and the anticipated flight time is approximately 30 minutes. Thank you for choosing Chuni Airlines, and we hope to make this flight a pleasant experience for you.
        Listen here only on CHUNI TV.

April 23 2023 — Objects
       Cello Cup RingProto 1 — Shout out to Ktown Pico Library. For a low quality print, the fit and proportions are there :) Need to shorten the top like how the concept mock. 
        Blender is so fun and so frustrating at the same time. Reminds me of the first time I picked up sewing.

March 11 2023 — Objects
        Single SeaterProto 2 — WOOOOO okay I’m satisfied with this shape. Shoutout to my boss for the soft sculting tips (to use cardboard and corrugated plastic boards for structure in pre-creation).
    Next step, collecting clothes... it’s gonna be fun but omg I’m broke.

Oct 22 2022  — Event
       Toast Brunch — Menu: French Toast w/ Fresh Berries. Avocado Toast w/ Tomatos and Basil, topped with a pan-fried Egg. Classic Lox Bagel w/capers and dill.

Nov 16 2022 — Bags
        Checkers XL Monis — SOBRES SS23 — In collaboration with OFFICIALMAYORGA, The “CHECKERS” Monis Bag. An XL Monis with a playful twist. Use both as a bag and a gameboard, wherever, whenever!

Dec 1 2021 — Objects
        Christmas GiftsChristmas — Was inspired by Bode and made these for my friends for christmas. Bucket hats, shorts, and a quilt <3 

May 17 2021 — Objects
        Letter LeiAyva, 6 — A symbol of greetings, friendships, honor, & love. For celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and special occasions.
    For simple gestures to thoughtful giftings, the letter lei offers kind words in a playful way. Read it, Wear it, Cherish it. 

aka chuniora

Jan - June 2024

June 2024

        I meet M, A, and A through Yeezy back in July ‘23. Free spirited fellas that just be living it up in Japan (so jealous lol). They hit me up to help um out with their brand’s first capsule. To see Isle go from an idea over pizza to their drop in Shabuya is inspiring. True go-getters. Proud to call myself a citizen of Isles. 

April 2024

        After 2 years of development, proud to see Joey’s designs come to fruition. A node and appreciation for Native American culture. Pleasure to be a part of this beautiful collection.

        Was an absolute pleasure to work on this project. The Art Community gang are the chillest peeps and are so passionate about what they do. The jeans - Structures Triptych Japanese Denim - are fly as fuck, but that’s because im biased hehe.

Jan 2024

Lazy Sun

Nov - Dec 2023

ERL Pitti Uomo 104 SS24 Menswear  

June 2023

Bad Bunny for ERL

April 2023
        An absolute honor to work with ERL in developing/producing a special collection for Bad Bunny's performance at Coachella 2023. The collection comprised of bras, thongs, pants, and a custom-made jacket for Bad Bunny and his incredible dancers.

Feb 2023

Louis Jane
March 2023