April 28 2024 — Objects
       Cello Cup RingProto 2— IT’S BEEN A MOTHA F*CKIN YEAR! (in Kim Namjoon’s voice)
       Got the first .stl modified by a freelancer, thank you Anna. The second time around and wow. I am shook. So happy to pick this project back up. Ring fits well. When in use, I did noticed that the [redacted] doesnt fit as nicely as I wish it would. I think what I’ll do now is to convert the bands to be adjustable on top of other edits. Proto 3 commence.

Mar 17 2024 — DJ Set
       LET’S JAMChuni Airlines — Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight LJ002. We sincerely apologize for the slight delay and appreciate your patience. As we prepare for takeoff, our skilled crew is ensuring you the smoothest and soulful sounds throughout our journey.
        The weather at our destination is clear, and the anticipated flight time is approximately 30 minutes. Thank you for choosing Chuni Airlines, and we hope to make this flight a pleasant experience for you.
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Jan 26 2024 — DJ Set
       Starting off our first installment of LET’S JAM with special guest Luigi.
        Push the pedal to the metal like never before. Immerse yourself in a musical journey that transcends the boundaries of reality and takes you straight into the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. Drift away and bump your way to 1st Place with this power-up mix! Let's Go! Luigi
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April 23 2023 — Objects
       Cello Cup RingProto 1 — Shout out to Ktown Pico Library. For a low quality print, the fit and proportions are there :) Need to shorten the top like how the concept mock.
        Blender is so fun and so frustrating at the same time. Reminds me of the first time I picked up sewing.

March 16 2023 — Bags
        With someonePhoto series— (from top left to right bottom)
w/… your study buddy 📚

w/… your coworker 🧑‍💻
w/… your grocer 🍞
w/… your boo 💋
w/… your BFF 👯

March 11 2023 — Objects
        Single SeaterProto 2 — WOOOOO okay I’m satisfied with this shape. Shoutout to my boss for the soft sculting tips (to use cardboard and corrugated plastic boards for structure in pre-creation).
    Next step, collecting clothes... it’s gonna be fun but omg I’m broke.

Februrary 20 2023 — Objects
        Business Cards— Threads — Version 1 of my business cards included a sting of thread, adding visual, textural, and functionality to my card. Always adorded business cards that had a degree of playfulness. I hope that those who have them will need the thread in emergencies (no needle included :/)

Dec 9 2022  — Event

       Itallian Dinner — Menu: Cacio e pepe w/homemade pasta. Hand tossed Supreme Pizza. Fresh Oysters w/lime. Thank you friends for enjoying the food and the good company <3

November 16 2022 — Bags
        Checkers XL Monis — w/officialmayorga — A while back, I invited my friends to visit me in Oahu. They responded with a plane ticket and an idea. With months of brainstorming and development, we’ve created the perfect blend of our fashion philosophies.
        Very excited to announce CHUNIORA’s first collaboration with @officialmayorga. The “CHECKERS” Monis Bag. An XL Monies with a playful twist. Each bag is embroidered with the classic 12x12 checker board and comes with 24 handmade checker pieces. Use both as a bag and a game-board wherever, whenever!
        Limited stock, available at @officialmayorga’s for “SOBRES” SS23 collection. 🤗

Oct 22 2022  — Event
       Toast Brunch — Menu: French Toast w/ Fresh Berries. Avocado Toast w/ Tomatos and Basil, topped with a pan-fried Egg. Classic Lox Bagel w/capers and dill.

April 16 2022 — T-Shirts
        Tissue Box — Blank Canvas Series — This shirt was the byproduct of having COVID-19 for a week. While being sick, I was bored with the fact that I’m lying doing nothing, so I thought lets make something.
    I always had a nose problem and would constantly need tissues. Took the opportunity to make this shirt for the convenice of not having to get up, but simply reaching to my chest pocket for a clean tissue.
    Miniture tissue box pocket on a White T-Shirt. 100% recycled cotton, white thread, zipper, compact tissues. 

March 22 2022 — Bags
        Pillow Case — for fun — I want to make the one with ruffle edges (margi and HBA, but no tuffted buttons). Made from batting, satin, and a neopreme laptop case. Love the idea of carring a pillow around in public transit. Nothing someone would steal so my laptop is in stealth. Multi-functional... fuck yeah.

Februrary 8 2022 — Bags
        Checkers XL Monis — w/officialmayorga — Prototype phase COMPLETED! Time for production, 20 pairs of black and red checker pieces (480 pcs total)

Dec 25 2021 — Christmas
        Presents — for the cali friends — Wanted to make homemade gifts for my cali friends while I was back home. Made (singing in the tone of 12 days of Christmas) 3 bucket hats, 2 pairs of shorts, and a patchwork blanket.

       The bucket hat I hope to create more of. The shorts were heavily influenced by BODE senior cords. Me and the homies thought it was such a cool cute concept so I decided to DIY it. Wholesome like that. For the blanket, I used left over scraps of fabric I had lying around. I hope my friends like it hehe.

April 16 2021 — T-Shirts
        Buttons — Blank Canvas Series — The thought of using buttons as an embelishment than for functionality tickled my fancy. So I went to thrift stores and etsy looking for bulks of loose/random buttons. Collected enough to then deck out an XL tee. Took me around a week to finish because shiiii hand sewing them one buy one was a workout. One of my favorite pieces.

Dec 1 2021 — Beautiful Bags Project
        Food Drive — Blender — Created a poster for my friends and I food drive. It’s our second year doing this so I wanted to try elevate our campaign. Was playing around with Blendr at this time (btw such a dope software) so I thought why not? Raised a lot of money (don’t remember how much honsetly) and was able to give out carepackages to the local homeless in Oahu.

Aug 8 2021 — Wallet
         Coin Purse Wallet — One of One —  Lifetime: 7 months. Condition: 1/10

>Closure had good feel, wasn’t cheapy feeling so surprised it broke
>Pattern for leather needs a major edit
>Card holders were usable but not efficient
>Cash slots were terrible lol
>Hopefully contact glue will work so test trial on broken wallet for it’s durability and application use
        *needs a very minimal approach to maximize space and utility*

July - Aug 2021 — YAGA BOOTLEG
        YAGA BOOTLEG — Jackets — Became OBSSESED when I saw it on the runway. Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018, 7 Layered Coat. Of course living in Hawaii, I will suffer in the mountains of cloth so I made a 5 Layered Jacket. Thrifted garments. Deconstructed the F*CK out of all of them and I am truly proud of this peice(s). Made a blue variant and hope to make more... we shall see hehe.

April 26 2021 — Lei Tee
       ‘ilima Lei T-Shirt — w/Boxjelly — Screen print on 100% recycled cotton, white thread. 33in x 29i. Intend to be left as is or completed by new owner as a full lei and cut-out T-shirt. Big shoutout to @fishcakehawaii and @javajanis for this opportunity 💖 Fishcake’s Lei-centric exhibition 4/15-5/3

April 16 2021 — Letter Lei
        How to make a Lei — for fun —  Shout out to Ayva for being my first test subject haha. This was in line with my previous project “’ilima lei”. I’ve always loved receiving handwritten letters. The effort of someone writing their thoughts and emotions on paper to then gift to a friend as a sign of enderment makes my heart skip several beats.

    For this project, I wanted to marry leis and letters together. Thus the letter lei. Free and fun for all ages. Perfect for your youngins elementary graduation, your art-hoe girlfriend’s first showing, or your local mailman’s birthday.

Dec 27 2020 — Wallet
         Coin Purse Wallet — One of One —  Final 1. Brass hardware. Love the new leather for this build (lamb). Remodeled interior due to material. 2 Card slots, 2 Cash Slots. Slim build.

Sept 26 2020 — Chair
         Bean Bag — Chuniora makes... — A bean bag chair. In this series installment, ideas are expanded to untapped mediums. Flirting with foreign and familiar materials, chuniora creates pieces of home furnishing. New skills are learned, creativity is challenged, spaces are filled.

Aug 15 2020 — Bed
         Bed Frame — Chuniora makes... — A bed frame. In this series installment, ideas are expanded to untapped mediums. Flirting with foreign and familiar materials, chuniora creates pieces of home furnishing. New skills are learned, creativity is challenged, spaces are filled.

Nov 15 2019 — Uniform
         New Skin Vol. 1 — Preformance — White top and Blue Jeans, 3 month experiment. To find creativity under the confines of limitation.
         “Hello Friends! Thank you guys for participating in my little experiment. For the past months I’ve been wearing the same outfit (White Top & Blue Jeans) for personal & creative reasons. I started posting fit pics because I thought it would be fun and fun it was. Thank you for celebrating an end to an era and I hope ro see yall next time.”

Sept 7 2019 — Collection
         COLORS 2019Show — For this collection, Colors influenced the garments. The connotations and associations with a specific color is figuratively personified in each look. Focusing more on the construction of this collection, silhouettes are rather practical. Balancing bold colors with simplistic designs. View show only on CHUNI TV.